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Webinar Series on Digital Works Site Supervision

The Development Bureau has published a Technical Circular on Digital Works Supervision System (DWSS) (ref. DevB TC(W) No. 3/2020) intending to enhance the standard and efficiency of work supervision as well as the quality and safety of works. The adoption of DWSS will certainly increase productivity, enhance regulation and quality assurance for the industry. In order to support this transformation, CIC has launched a webinar series on DWSS to facilitate the adoption of digital technologies for construction site supervision.





7 April 2020

Digital Works Supervision System for Maximised Site Operational Efficiency

Mr. Andy CHEUNG, Spatial Technology Limited 

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16 July 2020

Experience Sharing on Digital Site Supervision

Mr. Stanley THO, Associate Project Director of HKSTP

Mr. Steven WANG, Senior Engineer of Dragages of Hong Kong

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28 July 2020 The Beginning of Digital Engineering in Hong Kong (SnagR) Ir George WONG, Engineering and Business Development Director (Asia) of SnagR Limited Watch Replay!!
11 Aug 2020

How to Improve Site Performance with Digital Works Supervision System + BIM (Jarvis DWSS)

Mr. Elvis LI, CEO of isBIM Limited

Mr. Wilson LI, Business Development Manager of isBIM Limited

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25 Aug 2020 Digitise the Processes Not Digitis the Forms (VHSmart) Mr. Koeman CHAN, Senior Business Development Manager of VHSoft Technologies Co., Ltd. Watch Replay!!
15 Sep 2020 From Smart Works Management Systems towards DWSS (FieldConnect) Mr. David NG, CEO, Letsapp Limited Watch Reply!!

29 Sep 2020

Digital Works Supervision System (DWSS): from Quality Assurance and Compliance Perspectives (dRoW)

Ir C. K. NG, BIM Director of Build.IT

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13 Oct 2020

How to choose your DWSS for Integrated Construction Management (

Mr. Terence LUI, CEO of Varadise Limited

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27 Oct 2020

Digital IoT Service Management (InfoSmart)

Mr. Charles YEUNG, Executive Director & General Manager of Infotronic Technology Ltd.

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24 Nov 2020

DWSS for Digital Twins and path to Asset Information Management (Dalux Field)

Mr. Stephen AU, Managing Director & Founder of MTECH Engineering Co.,Ltd.

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8 Dec 2020

From DWSS and Its Future Development (Glodon)

Mr. Near YIP, General Manager - Hong Kong & Thailand Region of Glodon (Hong Kong) Software Limited

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There's more coming! Stay tuned.

We hereby invite solution providers of DWSS to get in touch with us, and present their solutions at our webinar series.

2020.07.16 to 2020.12.31