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Exclusive Interview with CIC Industry Development Director - Mr. SUEN Chung-keung Daniel

Let’s welcome Mr. SUEN Chung-keung Daniel, an experienced professional, to lead the Industry Development of CIC! Daniel had been contributing the construction industry for over 30 years. For more than 20 years, Daniel had been the Senior Management / Director of Campus Development for a university which ranks among the world’s top 100 in Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2022. He has managed and supervised a number of innovative and iconic capital projects at all. Let's read and know more about Daniel!

1. Can you talk about your management style?

Having learnt much through my decades of experience in serving the PolyU, I found communication throughout the entire team as one of the fundamental elements for successful delivery of services. I would quote the following sayings from one of our Chinese classic literature, Tao Te Ching (道德經)


… the sage (ruler), wishing to be before men, places his person behind them.

With such in mind, I would adopt a ‘consultative management’ approach, facilitating more synergy among various departments / units through tapping brains from colleagues from time to time. Constant dialogue with each and every colleagues of mine would also allow ever-improvement in tackling challenges ahead!


2. What traits do you value most in yourself and your team?

I found my teammates in CIC really amazing, with talents on wide spectrum. With teams of professional expertise on various fields and colleagues with passion and bravery towards exploration of new realms, sparkles have been frequently generated. The heavy workload in hand causes little hindrance towards delivering timely outcome with quality, and happy faces plus dialogue with joyful tone are found in most of the working premises, no matter in Kwun Tong Headquarter, or Megabox offices and our Zero Carbon Park. I am very excited and proud of being part of this young and vibrant family! 


3. What is your perspective in CIC?

I see the weight on the shoulders of our CIC colleagues, as pushing our industry towards advancement is absolutely not a matter of small business – a sector with more than half-a-million stakeholders working industriously towards creation of living and working environment for Hong Kong. The forthcoming mega projects including Northern Metropolis is surely another great challenges throughout the decades to come. Yet, the meaningful mission would be a strong momentum to drive us forward, hopefully facilitating our stakeholders to create such environment in smarter, more efficient and effective, and safer ways.


4. Can you tell us about an interesting personal facet?

I started to learn Taiji around ten years ago, initially following a number of styles and got some satisfaction upon successfully copying the form and rhythm of the Taiji Quan (太極拳). Around 2013 / 2014, I met a Taiji master who could lead me to the true path towards Taiji practice. Instead of stressing the correctness in form and pace, the importance of relaxation (鬆沈) and ‘inner feeling’ are placed on top of our learning agenda – an inside-out approach! With relaxation in a practiced manner, I begin to perceive the internal energy as originated from gravitational force, which can propel myself towards movement / walking with much ease, meanwhile enhancing the internal circulation system in positive but natural manner. The Taiji practice would also help me tackle challenges in a more effective and calm approach indeed!