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Webinar Series on Parametric Design for Architecture: Parametric Design & Execution, Project Implementation + Benefits

The term of “Parametric Design” is commonly used in architecture and in the building industry, but not always is clear and is generally misused. “Do we used parametric design tools to actually design something or we design something and use parametric design tools to materialise an idea?”

In this webinar, Mr. Iker Mugarra FLORES will discuss what really is “Parametric Design” and “Parametric Execution”, in order to create a clear distinction between terms. He will cover the benefits of parametric approaches and workflows, and how these methodologies allow to control higher levels complexities and how their implementations allow for quick decision-making during the design process and construction. This topic framework will be based on the previous professional experience of Mr. FLORES  and it will be illustrated and expanded through the discussion of a high-profile projects and how new workflows and computational approaches where used as well as implemented from concept to construction.