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Chairperson's Message

Mr. Donald CHOI
Mr. Donald CHOI

CITAC Chairperson's Message by Mr. Donald Choi

Construction is a significant part of the Hong Kong economy and it is estimated that investment in construction and building will reach $414.9 billion by 2022. The construction activities contribute to Hong Kong Gross Domestic Product was 5.1 % in 2017 and employment in the construction sector reached 353,000 people in 2018. The number of construction sites has grown approximately 48.9% in a decade to reach 1,485 sites in 2018 comparing to 997 sites in 2008.

The above achievements could not be realized without the dedicated effort of everyone in the construction industry. We have many talents, both in the private sector and public sector, with the required expertise to deliver the most technically complicated and demanding projects in the world.

Nonetheless, there is increasing unease and concern that our construction sector is under-achieving comparing to other industries. Our construction methodology is still highly relied on labor-intensive activities at the construction site and, in some instances, in a high-risk unsafe environment. Short of young labor enter to the construction sector and lack of proper training to succeed the ageing skilled workforce. To enable our future success, we need to invest more in technology, research and development, and training. Our construction ecosystem need to embrace innovation and new procurement and management methods to get full value from modern construction techniques and technologies. Like other 21st Century industries, we shall build on the strength of traditional trade practices and resilient culture of Hong Kong construction industry, but at the same time adopt new construction technologies and innovative work processes.

This Construction Innovation and Technology Application Centre (CITAC) was established in view of the above challenges. CITAC serves as a knowledge hub to showcase local and overseas innovative ideas and construction technologies. We encourage the industry to be courageous, identify innovative techniques and technologies that are applicable in Hong Kong, collaborate and co-create with all stakeholders, thus preparing the industry for “Construction Industry 2.0 & beyond” which ensures our construction sector could continue to be a significant contributor of Hong Kong growth and competitiveness.

As the CITAC Chairperson, I welcome your participation and support in our journey of innovation and strive for excellence. Together we can create a legacy and be an enabler to further modernize the construction industry.

Mr. Donald CHOI