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Self-Compacting Backfill Material

Advanced Construction Material

Self-Compacting Backfill Material

CITF Code: PA21-015

Type Of Technology: Advanced Construction Material

Product Type: Backfilling material

Vendor: Golik Concrete Limited / Minji Limited / Vast Hill Development Limited

Origin: Asia, Hong Kong and Mainland China

Tel: 2634 1818 / 9144 3497 / 6377 1213

NAMI’s controlled low strength self-compacting backfill material is a flowable backfill material alternative. It provides a solution to overcome some difficult underground situations.

Benefits :
- Flowable fill
- Improved site safety
- Applicable operation

Applications :
- Utility repairs and installation works
- Backfilling of foundations works and retaining walls
- Slope works and other geotechnical works
- Underground void spaces

 Project References :
- Central Kowloon Route - Kai Tak East: Backfilling of areas around foundations works and retaining walls
- CEDD - GEO Landslip Prevention and mitigation works Pilot: Replacement of loose soil with pit-by-pit method  

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