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Smart Building - Indoor Pathogen Prediction and Control


Smart Building - Indoor Pathogen Prediction and Control

Type Of Technology: Digitalisation

Origin: Asia, Hong Kong and Mainland China

Neuron Health measures various human health-related parameters, such as indoor air quality (IAQ) and the abundance of various pathogens in the ambient air. The system aims to improve the indoor environment and safeguard the occupant’s health and wellbeing. 

Benefits : 
- The built-in AI function can predict indoor pathogens and risk level
- Provide dedicated measures based on a data-driven approach
- Balance between energy consumption, health and wellbeing, air quality and cost
- All sensors and platforms incorporate IoT and cloud technologies, enabling application in new and existing buildings
- Enable on-going monitoring and protection of the indoor conditions

Applications :
- Building management 
- Indoor air monitoring 

Project References :
- Harbour East, a commercial building developed by Henderson Land Development Company Limited
- MTR Fo Tan Railway House 
- Taikoo Place Phase 2A Tower, an office building being developed by Swire Properties