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Intelligent Management Platform for Smart Construction and Facility Projects


Intelligent Management Platform for Smart Construction and Facility Projects

CITF Code: PA20-128

Type Of Technology: Digitalisation

Product Type: Project Management Software (DWSS-related)

Vendor: Varadise Limited

Origin: Asia, Hong Kong and Mainland China

Tel: 9034 3844

Varadise Twin is a cloud-based digital twin solution, serving as the next generation Integrated Project Management Hub. It is a 4D Building Information Modeling (BIM) platform constantly undergoing real-time project data updates from design and planning to operation and maintenance phases.

Benefits : 
- Improve collaboration and decision quality
- Big Data and AI Analytic for insight
- Full transparency and traceability
- Keep a single accurate record in cloud

Applications :
- Design and planning management
- Progress management
- IoT for site monitoring
- Facility management operation

Project References :
- Civil Engineering and Development Department –  Fill Bank at Tseung Kwan O Area 137 Operation
- Civil Engineering and Development Department – Tung Chung New Town Extension Reclamation works
- Kai Tak Sports Park

Digital Twin in Construction 

A digital twin is a digital replica of a physical object, process or ecosystem that can be used to run virtual simulations based on real-world data via sensors, drones and other wireless technologies. The “twin” continuously learns from multiple sources, including advanced analytics, machine-learning algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) to gain valuable insights about the performance, operation or profitability of a construction project. With the ability to create predictive simulations and tweak without disrupting the real-world environment, digital twin technology helps construction companies mitigate risk and delivers more with fewer resources.

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