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Drillraffe (Model no.: D1)

Automation and Robotics

Drillraffe (Model no.: D1)

CITF Code: PA22-020

Type Of Technology: Automation and Robotics

Product Type: Drilling machine

Vendor: CSC Robotic Engineering Limited

Origin: Asia, Hong Kong and Mainland China

Tel: 2410 4612 / 9540 8599

Drillraffe (D1) is a Bluetooth-controlled 3-axis drilling machine. User aligns the drill to the targets through an android pad, wireless camera, reference lasers and other sensors. Drilling is triggered by remote control with preset depths. Drilling-atheight by the worker is eliminated by using D1.

Benefits :
- Increase productivity
- Enhance construction site safety and health 
- Improve quality of work
- Cost and Time saving
- More Accurate

Applications :
- Drilling

Project References :
- Maintenance Project of Hong Kong Cultural Centre
- HKG11, Kwai Chung Data Centre
- Maintenance Project of Tai Po Civic Center
- Residential Care Homes for the Elderly in Kwu Tung North
- Redevelopment of Kwai Chung Hospital
- Campus Development Project, The Open University of Hong Kong
- Maintenance Project of Hong Kong International Airport


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