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Geosys VR3D data management system


Geosys VR3D data management system

CITF Code: PA18-002

Type Of Technology: Digitalisation

Product Type: 3D Reality Simulation / Data Management (CDE-related)

Vendor: Geosys Hong Kong Ltd

Origin: Asia, Hong Kong and Mainland China

Tel: 6198 5234 / +86 13088880388

Geosys VR3D data management system support the visualisation of 3D GIS and BIM data in one integrated viewer for users with 2D and 3D measurement and analysis functions. Web based 3D Measurement tools such as distance, path, angle, height, Volume, Section are provided. Cloud and server-based system allows users to open the application without software installation and maintenance for different end-user's PCs. (Note: This product is CDE-related platform which the vendor shall be inquired for details.)