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Bending Centre Model: G5L25

Automation and Robotics

Bending Centre Model: G5L25

CITF Code: PA19-003

Type Of Technology: Automation and Robotics

Product Type: Automatic Bar Bending Machine

Origin: Asia, Hong Kong and Mainland China

The traditional manual rebar cutting and bending method has been used for more than 40 years. It required intensive skilled labour force performing repeated working sequences and incurred high physical injury accident rate. The proposed automatic machinery is an innovative positive move of the cutting and bending procedures. The automatic machineries can shear, cut, segregate and bend different kinds of rebar in a systematic and sequential order. Advantages of the product over traditional way includes: (i) Redundant works are done automatically; (ii) Heavy rebars are placed automatically in place; (iii) Simple Operation. (Less skills required); (iv) Accuracy and quality standard are improved; (v) Accidental injury significantly reduced; (vi) Less dependent on skilled labour