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CHAIN Hybrid Reality Platform


CHAIN Hybrid Reality Platform

CITF Code: PA19-042

Type Of Technology: Digitalisation

Product Type: 3D Reality Simulation / Data Management (CDE-related)

Vendor: Chain Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Origin: Asia, Hong Kong and Mainland China

Tel: 3746 3788

Hybrid Reality Platform (HRP) is a unified cloud management platform for managing 3D models such as BIM, Reality Meshes, Point Clouds and other 3D formats altogether in a single web platform. Apart from providing 3D visualisation to users, the platform also provides functions for manipulating 3D model and optimizing the spatial information such as integrating 2D file management with 3D models, 4D progress management and simulation, asset management, facility management. (Note: This product is CDE-related platform which the vendor shall be inquired for details.)