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Easy AI-C-40 Automatic Bar Cutting Machine

Automation and Robotics

Easy AI-C-40 Automatic Bar Cutting Machine

CITF Code: PA20-058

Type Of Technology: Automation and Robotics

Product Type: Automatic Bar Cutting Machine

Vendor: Easy Steel Engineering Limited

Origin: Asia, Hong Kong and Mainland China

Tel: 2433 1300

Easy AI-C-40 is an automatic bar cutting machine for bars size in 5mm to 40 mm. It can increase productivity from 0.5 ton to 1.5 ton per manday. It can control the length accuracy within ±6mm which ensure the quality of the processed re-bars. Applying programmable logic control (PLC), it could improve the accuracy and minimize the error. It can also store different sizes of processed re-bars to release more working spaces.