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AUGREEN Lightweight Plaster Model: AC075

Advanced Construction Material

AUGREEN Lightweight Plaster Model: AC075

CITF Code: PA20-089

Type Of Technology: Advanced Construction Material

Product Type: Lightweight Plaster

Vendor: CaSO (HK) Engineering Company

Origin: Asia, Hong Kong and Mainland China

Tel: 2887 8543

AUGREEN AC075 is an environmentally friendly lightweight gypsum plaster. It is suitable for either spraying or manual trowel application. It could apply up to 25 mm in one coat. As it is light in weight and has high adhesion when compared to traditional cement-sand render, the risk of collapsing is reduced. Unlike the traditional cement-sand render, the crack resistance property of shrinkage-compensated AC075 minimizes potential defects. Applying sealer and/or spatterdash on concrete walls may also be eliminated (subject to contract requirements), thereby reducing application time and hence improving productivity.