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CITF Code: PA20-136

Type Of Technology: Digitalisation

Product Type: 3D Reality Simulation / Data Management (CDE-related)

Vendor: Global Virtual Design and Construction Limited

Origin: Asia, Hong Kong and Mainland China

Tel: 3199 0388

Integrated Platform - EcoDomus brings together a host of software for easy gathering and aggregation of information as it is a highly flexible system. Because of this, the platform can provide accurate information and actionable insights that are appropriate for user's needs. Scalable Solution EcoDomus is a scalable software suite. It can adapt to support the Internet of Things and Big Data solutions. As such, you can enhance your data collection from a broader range of information sources. Site-Based Work - EcoDomus empowers your ambulatory workforce, as the software has mobile and web interfaces that support on-site working. With this, mobile employees can be productive and can access data relevant to make intelligent decisions. Best Practices Implementation - To ensure that the assets are profitable for a long time, you have to be certain that employees and partners observe best practices when it comes to your facilities. EcoDomus enables you to make sure of that by providing you with the related information on one window. EcoDomus can also acts as the Common Data Environment (CDE) and Integrated Web Services BIM Hub, tying together various disconnected systems and workflows, and enables handover between all the participants in building's lifecycle: architects, engineers, contractors, operators, managers, commissioning agents, etc. (Note: This product is CDE-related platform which the vendor shall be inquired for details.)