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Nexcam 360

Sensors and IoT

Nexcam 360

Type Of Technology: Sensors and IoT

Vendor: Nexplore Hong Kong Limited

Origin: Asia, Hong Kong and Mainland China


ASTRI and Nexplore co-developed Nexcam 360 is edge AI sensing fusion system which integrates edge computing, deep learning and object detection technology to realizes zero dead-zone, real-time environmental sensing and safety monitoring.  The super high resolution 4K2K AR/VR Compatible Head-Mounted Display(HMD) can be equipped for real time  on-site monitoring and BIM model visualization.

Benefits :
- Ultra fast response, high-resolution and high accuracy neuromorphic optical sensing system for security monitoring and target object detection, tracking and analysis 
- A Smart Optics based sensing fusion system combing dynamic vision sensors and CMOS image sensor enabled for instant event triggering detection and Region of Interest extraction 
- An AI enabled software architecture for ultra fast object detection and distance estimation to realize environment understanding 

Applications :
- Detection of any non-compliance and unsafe activities in real-time real-time
- Safety and progress monitoring  

Project References :
-Leighton – Chun Wo Joint Venture
Hong Kong International Airport Terminal 2 Foundation and Substructure works