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Smart Vent Protector

Advanced Tools and Equipment

Smart Vent Protector

Type Of Technology: Advanced Tools and Equipment

Vendor: Samson Wong & Associates Property Consultancy Ltd.

Origin: Asia, Hong Kong and Mainland China

Tel: 2881 6166

This is a redesign of the terminus of all existing ventilating pipes in the drainage systems. The newly designed Vent Pipe is a solar powered vent unit installed at top of existing pipes at roof level, applying a combination of innovative technologies including nano-ionzed zinc, photo catalyst and UVC Light, disinfection processes, targeting to prevent bacteria and viruses leakage through pipes. 

Three sterilization staple methods are implemented in this Smart Vent Device

The first level applies a nano-ionized zinc coating, it is known for antibacterial and inhibit the growth of microorganisms. Nano-ionized zinc damages lipid, leads to alteration in cell membrane and eventually disrupts vital cellular functions. Ionised zinc then immediately binds with other biomolecules to continue its antibacterial activity. 

The middle level adopted a photo catalyst sterilizing method, a powerful environmental disinfection through absorbing natural light to create catalysis reaction, which is to release electrons and form reactive oxygen to decompose and sterilize pollutants.

UVC Light is the final level of sterilization. As UVC Light has the most energetic wavelength of light, has an unique ability to destroy genetic material, both in humans and visual particles. 

It is believed that by incorporating nano-ionized zinc, photo catalyst and UVC Light, will create extremely high antimicrobial and sterilization ability. The new Vent Device will help the existing pipes thoroughly sterilized, thus creating a new meaning to building safety, suggesting that there is an urge to invent this new Vent Device.


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