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Intelligent Safety AI Box

Sensors and IoT

Intelligent Safety AI Box

Type Of Technology: Sensors and IoT

Vendor: CSC Robotic Engineering Ltd.

Origin: Asia, Hong Kong and Mainland China

Tel: 2410 4612 / 9540 8599

Intelligent Safety AI Box "MEGVII MegCube - B4H Series" provide a cost-effective, edge computing enabled AI monitoring solution for construction safety. By loading safety algorithm packages, the AI box can analyse different scenarios in the construction industry. With the functions of safety helmet detection, danger zone detection and flame detection etc., it helps to reduce construction risks and accidents effectively.

Benefits :
- 24/7 hours monitoring behavior and the danger area without interruption
- Alert for near miss incidents and eventually stop accidents

Applications :
- Safety Monitoring

Project References :
- AI Monitoring of Electrical System in an Electrical Office Building, Guang Dong, 2022
- AI Monitoring of Oil & Gas Equipment in CNPC factory, China, 2022


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