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Wireless Load Control with Lifting Data Collection

Advanced Tools and Equipment

Wireless Load Control with Lifting Data Collection

Type Of Technology: Advanced Tools and Equipment

Origin: Asia, Hong Kong and Mainland China, Oceania

Tel: +61 (0)8 9488 4500 / Email:

Roborigger is a remote-controlled robotic device connected to the end of a crane's wire rope by hook. Our rotational technology controls a load's orientation without the risk of personnel being in the vicinity of the landing zone.
Roborigger rotates and holds loads in a desired orientation regardless of wind, meaning no taglines are needed to manage the spinning or the landing of a load.
Roborigger load orientation system uses inertial and gyroscopic forces to rotate and control the load. It is controlled wirelessly using a handheld remote.
Roborigger lifting capacities range from 15 to 50 tonnes WLL.

Benefits :
- Improve the safety and efficiency of lifting operations
- Allow lifting work to be done with a smaller team 
- Wireless load orientation control instead of taglines
- Eliminate the need for personnel to be near loads
- Work in 5m/s greater wind speed and stop loads spinning
- Real-time lifting data collection software
- Increase the efficiency of cranes and teams by an average of 15%

Applications :
- Construction (tower and mobile cranes)
- Resources (minesite and supply base)
- Ports & Logistics
- Processing plants & Refineries
- Handling precast panels
- Transmission tower construction

Key Features:
- Wireless remote control with 100m min range
-Integrated load cell
- Designed to control loads in strong winds 
- Ability to have 2 pre-set orientations to simplify repetitive operations
- Battery operated with capability to last at least 12 hours
- Camera with still image capture and video streaming capability
- All data is captured and sent to the cloud providing a complete log of all lifting operations
- Data can be accessed worldwide from any web browser