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Mobile360 M500 - Dual purpose safety monitoring system

Sensors and IoT

Mobile360 M500 - Dual purpose safety monitoring system

CITF Code: PA22-043

Type Of Technology: Sensors and IoT

Product Type: Safety Monitoring System

Vendor: T-Smart Logistics Limited

Origin: Hong Kong and Mainland China

Tel : 2488 8888

With dual monitoring functions, the A.I. intelligent wide-angle dual camera lens detects the movement of pedestrians in the dangerous area of work, real-time visual alarm and audio reminder to the operator, solves emergencies and provides protection for blind spots. In order to ensure that the operator is fully focused on the operation, the M500 indoor AI face-specific camera lens can monitor whether the operator is fatigue, smoking, or focusing on the phone. Real-time visual alarms and audio reminders can prevent unsafe conditions and associated accidents from happening. The system can be used with mobile phone applications to ensure the safety of pedestrians and operators.