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COBOD: 3D Construction Printing Solutions (Extrusion)

Advanced Construction Material

COBOD: 3D Construction Printing Solutions (Extrusion)

Vendor: COBOD

Origin: Europe

Tel: 9401 5270 (Mario Nuzzolese); Email:



With its unique modular design, the BOD2 3D construction printer is the perfect solution for a wide variety of 3D construction printing jobs. The combined experience from years of field research and  use of  the  printer worldwide assures a fully tested and tried 3D printer.

The BOD2 printer allows the operator to move a printhead that extrudes the building material within 3 dimensions. The printhead moves along the X-axis (width), the X-axis moves on the two Y-axes (length), and the whole X/Y-axes group moves up and down the four Z-columns (height). Thereby, the gantry principle allows the printer to access any position within the printable area (PA), while providing complete freedom of movement within the volume.

Benefits :
- Get the printer size you need
- Achieve smooth walls
- Unprecedented print speed
- Freedom of choice of materials
- Completely safe, EU and UL certified

Applications :
- 3D printed structures

Project Reference :
- 3D printed house, Houston, Texas
- Kamp C, Europe
- Dar Al Arkan, Saudi Arabia