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Sensors and IoT


Type Of Technology: Sensors and IoT

Vendor: FireAlert Limited

Origin: Hong Kong and Mainland China

Tel: 9843 0443 / Email:

LifeOnline is a health alert management application which helps safety officers monitor workers health data including heart beat, body temperature, blood pressure and GPS location on the construction site using smart watch. The small size of the watch makes it easy to deploy and welcomed by workers. If needed, workers could seek help simply by pressing the SOS button.

Benefits :
- Using long-range wireless technology, not only LifeOnline can cover a large area, and the deployment is flexible and cost-effective compared with WiFi and 4G technology. 
- The AI module could pick up the workers’ abnormal health and ambient data and issue alerts, such as overheating warnings and falling alerts.
-  LifeOnline allow safety officer to file the event with photo and remarks with the app for future investigation.

Applications :
- Construction sites
- Tunnels
- Mines