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VOLIRO T Non-Destructive Testing Aerial Robotic

Automation and Robotics

VOLIRO T Non-Destructive Testing Aerial Robotic

Vendor: Dronesurvey Asia

VOLIRO T is the first remote aerial robots for contact-based inspection and nondestructive testing (NDT) Aerial NDT Robot
It comes with various payloads to conduct Non-Destructive Testing, its unique Omnidirectional flying capability enable perform mission in narrow space. And its payloads complied with ISO And ASTM international standard.


- Save more than 60% labour cost
- Reduce Scaffolding Setup Cost and Time
- Reduce System Downtime
- Eliminate Safety incident of Working at Height
- Reduce Potential Hazard of Working in Confined Space
- Optimise and Speed Up Inspection Time
- Strengthen Data Punctuality and Integrity
- Able to check over 200 check points per day
- Payloads complied with International Standard
- Able to measure thickness in 2mm to 300mm
- Accuracy: 0.01 mm to 0.04 mm