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Augmented Reality (AR) for the Construction Site


Augmented Reality (AR) for the Construction Site

The Dalux Field is equipped with the TwinBIM™ technology that blends the digital and physical worlds. Using a smartphone or tablet, TwinBIM™ simply merges the BIM model into the physical site, allowing you to see and interact with the virtual model. 

Benefits :
- Improve productivity by reducing rework
- Streamline workflow 

Applications :
- Quality inspection 
- Compliance checking 
- Construction management
- Safety & Health management
- Facility management

Job References : 
- Construction of Dry Weather Flow Interceptor at Cherry Street (DSD project)
- EMSD Trade Industry Tower
- Relocation of Shatin Sewage Treatment Plant to Caverns (DSD project)
- Hong Kong International Airport – Terminal 1 Boarding Gate and VIP Lounge Renovation
- Hang Lung Properties Center66 in Wuxi, China


To tie in with the Government’s disease prevention and control measures in coping with the epidemic, the Construction Industry Council (CIC) has closed its public visiting centres including the CIC BIM Space, Construction Innovation Technology and Application Centre (CITAC), MiC Resources Centre and all the exhibition areas of CIC-Zero Carbon Park, until further notice.

If you require any assistance, please call 2100 9819.