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Construction Energy Storage System(CESS)


Construction Energy Storage System(CESS)

The Ampd Enertainer is an advanced energy storage system which provides diesel-free power for construction projects. Available in various configurations, the system is designed for the tough, dynamic and space-constrained needs of construction sites, without compromise.

Benefits :
- Reduces carbon emissions
- Zero air pollution emissions at the site
- Eliminates the risk of soil and groundwater pollution from diesel use
- Reduces noise by 30 times compared to a diesel generator
- Safer and more user-friendly than diesel generators due to no refuelling 
Applications :
- Amplify power supply for plant and equipment with intermittent loads, such as tower cranes, passenger hoists, material hoists, welding machines and bar bending machines
- Real-time monitor the energy consumption of plant equipment

Job References :
- Mount Anderson  
- Advanced Manufacturing Centre
- Murray Road 2
- Wang Yip Street West


To tie in with the Government’s disease prevention and control measures in coping with the epidemic, the Construction Industry Council (CIC) has closed its public visiting centres including the CIC BIM Space, Construction Innovation Technology and Application Centre (CITAC), MiC Resources Centre and all the exhibition areas of CIC-Zero Carbon Park, until further notice.

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