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CIC Construction Digitalisation Award 2021 Briefing - Tips and FAQ

The CIC Construction Digitalisation Award 2021 aims to recognise outstanding local projects and local organisations for their contribution in the promotion and adoption of digitalisation tools and workflows, and in bringing about innovation in these areas to improve productivity, quality, sustainability and safety, with measurable KPIs.The Award is divided into two categories, namely “Project” and “Organisation”. The “Organisation” category is further divided into six sub-categories, consisting of Client (Government, Public Client and Developer), Consultant, Contractor Category A, Contractor Category B, Training/ Research Institute and Start-up Company. Gold, silver, bronze awards and merit certificates are set up for Project category and each sub-category of the Organisation. The Award submissions are now open until 30 June 2021.

After attending the briefing, you will better understand and get prepared on the application of the Award, including:

  •  Are you eligible to apply?
  •  How to apply?
  •  What are the judging criteria?
  •  Tips on filling application form
  •  FAQ


Ir Thomas TONG, General Manager – Innovation & Technology Development, Construction Industry Council

Ir Dr. George WONG, Manager – Building Information Modelling, Construction Industry Council

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16:00 - 17:00