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CIC Webinar on BIM - Data Harmonisation for Procurement - More Than Just BIM


In the late 2021, Development Bureau issued a new Technical Circular (Works) No. 8/2021, announcing the adoption of Building Information Modelling Harmonisation Guidelines for Capital Works Projects in Hong Kong. BIM models and its attributes are harmonised among WDs for information exchange amongst WDs and LandsD. Yet, it is observed a great potential in many aspects of our construction industry that Harmonisation can take place; it will certainly benefit at corporate level of a company or an organisation, as well as the whole building industry for a smarter Hong Kong.

Data, is produced all the time during the design, construction and asset management process, but not in a consistent manner. The value of these data could be unleashed, if data owner, data producer and data users harmonise the data. In particular in this webinar, building data produced at different stages should be useful and usable for the procurement, for its decision making, cost prediction or forecast, when the data collected in harmonised way. It is in line with one of the Smart Government's initiatives of promoting e-tendering with BIM technology.

Hong Kong is heading its development towards a smart city by enhancing innovation and technology in our living and environment, as well as the construction industry. AECOM and C&T will share their views and visions in this webinar to the public.

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Webinar Highlights:

Part I – AECOM

  • Introduction
  • The need of Harmonisation in HK AEC Industry
  • Harmonisation is applicable and also necessary for data
  • Development projects generate a lot of data, but very little are used, especially for procurement
  • As a data owner, data should be available at no additional cost and be re-used free-of-charge for various decision making during the design, construction and asset management process
  • The basic principle is to harmonise data via establishing data strategy, managing data capture and applying data mapping for certain purpose, such as procurement
  • Harmonisation leverages the value of data, which can offer robust basis for decision making, cost prediction or forecast and long-term planning of the organisation

Part II – C&T

  • Digital transformation is a proven solution for procurement challenges
  • Data harmonization is the pre-requisite
  • By adopting procurement technologies, data is captured efficiently under the consideration of compliance, it improves efficiency and achieves cost savings by collecting data for future decision making
  • A centralized and secured procurement system benefits your organization by unleashing the value of their data


Date: 23 Feb 2022 (Wed)

Time: 15:30 – 17:00

Language: Cantonese presentation with English content

Fee: Free of Charge

Format: Webinar



  • Thomson LAI, Digital Lead, Asia, AECOM
  • Constance LAU, Technical Director, Program, Cost, Consultancy, AECOM
  • Tim LO, Head of Enterprise Software Sales, Computer And Technologies Software (Hong Kong) Limited


Should you have any queries, please contact Ms. Julia LI (email:; tel: 3199 7274).


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15:30 – 17:00
Cantonese presentation with English content