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Webinar on NEC in Practice : Exploring the Implementation of NEC and Driving Collaborative Construction Projects in Hong Kong

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New Engineering Contract (NEC) brings a fresh perspective to contractual arrangements, emphasising cooperation, transparency, and risk sharing management. Currently, the majority of government public projects in Hong Kong have adopted NEC in different options. To support and promote the application and implementation of NEC in Hong Kong, the Construction Industry Council (“CIC”) is organising a webinar on experience sharing in implementing NEC and driving collaborative construction projects. The webinar has invited representatives from the Development Bureau to introduce the NEC policy in Hong Kong, the Architectural Services Department and Drainage Services Department, the Martin Barnes Awardees, to share their experiences in NEC project delivery and the implementation of a collaborative spirit.


Date: 14 November 2023(Tuesday)

Time: 3:30pm to 5:15pm

Language: Cantonese 

Format: Online seminar (Webinar)

Attendance Certificate: Attendees who have 80% or above attendance rate are eligible to receive the attendance certificate within one month after the webinar (2 CPD hour suggested)

For enquiry, please contact the Com-CBD Secretariat via

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3:30pm to 5:15pm