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Opening of CITAC Second Round Exhibition

CITAC second round exhibition was officially opened on 21 November 2018. The exhibition will feature a total of 40 exhibits, which are substantially more than the 23 exhibits of the first round exhibition.

The new exhibition showcases latest construction technologies like 3D printed concrete structure, drone with protective cage for confined space inspection and cloud based BIM applications etc. There are also examples of big data and artificial intelligence applications for construction industry.

Later this year, CITAC will establish and launch i-Club, a membership scheme managed by CITAC, to share latest information in construction innovations and facilitate collaboration among construction industry stakeholders. The membership scheme shall align mindsets of our practitioners and nurture an innovative culture in the industry. This small step of CITAC will hopefully turn out to be a giant step for Hong Kong construction industry.

CITAC’s exhibition is divided into five different thematic zones, namely “Industrialisation”, “Informatisation”, “Intelligentisation”, “Integration” and “Infinity”. Guided tours are opened for booking for members of the construction industry and public. Please call 2100 9810 or email to book a visit.