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Exclusive interview on Smart Construction Site Series -The South West Kowloon Residential Project

In our total forth episodes exclusive Smart Construction Site Series interview, we have introduced how the construction sites in Hong Kong improve productivity, efficiency and enhance project delivery outcomes by innovative technology.

In the last episode of our exclusive Smart Construction Site Series interview, we are glad to have the five jointly operated developers and main contractor project team of South West Kowloon Residential Project to share with us how they adopt new technologies and integrated approach to enhance operation efficiency, including using the AI crane floor measurement technology, smart site monitoring system and safety harness detection, AI fire detection CCTV and 5G application on worksite. Integrated site management enables better communication among all stakeholders and stronger collaboration in terms of design, quality, safety and progress, making the construction project be more sustainable.

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To tie in with the Government’s disease prevention and control measures in coping with the epidemic, the Construction Industry Council (CIC) has closed its public visiting centres including the CIC BIM Space, Construction Innovation Technology and Application Centre (CITAC), MiC Resources Centre and all the exhibition areas of CIC-Zero Carbon Park, until further notice.

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