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Advanced Approach to Mitigate Risks during Adverse Weather Conditions

Advanced Approach to Mitigate Risks during Adverse Weather Conditions

The safety of workplace during the inclement weather conditions such as typhoons, rainstorms and thunderstorms has long been the prime concern across the construction industry as they may cause serious accidents.

Please visit to appreciate the safety measures recommended by OSHC for the workplaces subject to the adverse weather conditions.

A Guide on Safety at Work in times of Inclement Weather published by Labour Department can be downloaded at

Together with the employers/proprietors’ obligation to ensure the safety and health of their workers at work under the Occupational Safety and Health Ordinance (Cap 509) and Factories and Industrial Undertakings Ordinance (Cap 59), some advanced construction technologies commercialized in the market can be applied as advanced site safety management measures to minimize the risks.

Advanced ConTech showcased on CITAC Website:

Automated Internet of Things (IoT) Construction Monitoring Devices and Monitoring System (CITF Code: PA19-004). For details, please visit

IoT Solutions for Facility Management. For details, please visit

GEOMON - Cloud-based Instrumentation Data Storage and Reporting System (CITF Code: PA20-047). For details, please visit

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