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New Smart Wearables in iHub - CITAC !

Three CITF Pre-Approved Smart Wearables are showcasing in CITAC and on our digital platform. Let’s take a look!

1. Dasloop IoT Smart Helmet with Cloud Based Management Platform (CITF Code: PA19-031)
2e48ca50-ce93-4c11-ad79-dc38b0654c60 (1).jpg
Dasloop is a sensors-embedded helmet that can help monitor the user’s health, safety, and location on site. With outdoor and indoor positioning technologies, the helmet can track the user’s location, detect and warn the user from entering danger zones.

2. InfoSMART™ Attend – Real Time Manpower Attendance in-site Record System (CITF Code: PA19-047)
InfoSMART™ Attend is a real-time construction worker activity tracking and management system. This product not only provides workers’ gate-in/gate-out records via worker-card reader and biometric device at turnstiles, but also enables real-time visibility and tracking of workers in sites, provide reliable attendance record to reduce disputes over wages and injuries, and generate workers' work/trade report for fleet management.

3. SmartWorks (CITF Code: PA20-025)
Smart Helmet.png
SmartWorks is an integrated platform to enhance construction workers’ health, safety and operational efficiency. The platform incorporates five modules to promote and manage worksite safety, namely Smart Helmet for worker’s real-time condition sensoring, SmartHealth Station for workers’ health surveillance checking, Environmental Station for environmental monitoring, danger rader concerning of Safety Triggering System and Dump Truck Management.